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Women telling their own stories in action research

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Rosalind Beadle* and Ernie Stringer | 16-Oct-20

*Adjunct Lecturer at the Centre for Remote Health, Flinders University (Alice Springs, Australia).

Although she had experience working with Aboriginal people in Australia, Ros Beadle was challenged by the extent to which the culture and conditions of people in the remote community impacted on her ability to work productively. As she indicates in this conversation with Ernie Stringer, action research processes provided her with the means to assist a group of Aboriginal women to engage in significant activities that greatly enhanced their capacity to make a real difference in their lives. In the process the women assisted her to find a way she could use their stories as the basis for her own dissertation research, the women themselves taking part in conference presentations that "told the story" in their own way.

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